Our Story

Cultivate a holistic lifestyle with trustworthy products from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Essence of Asheville

Offering Close-to-Nature Essentials for Health and Wellness Needs




Our story begins in the heart of the North Carolina mountain town Asheville. From the scenic misty hills to the vibrant farm-to-table culture, every aspect of the region’s landscape and people encouraged us to create holistic offerings for the Blue Ridge community and beyond.

Asheville is deeply rooted in sustainable ethics, herbalism approaches, and entrepreneurial spirits. We’ve implemented these mindsets to establish a local health and wellness business focused on formulating natural products with integrity.



Influenced by the Power of Hemp

With such a reliable and versatile plant at the forefront of our formulations, we can enhance the well-being of our families, friends, and customers. For instance, we use cannabinoids (such as CBD) to produce supplemental tinctures, terpenes to add aromas and antibacterial properties to hand sanitizer, and hemp stalks to make durable face masks from the world’s strongest natural fiber.

In 2015, we became Asheville’s first hemp extractor shortly after hemp was legalized in North Carolina. We use ethanol in our extraction process because this naturally sourced solvent preserves more phytonutrients and cannabinoids compared to other CBD extraction methods.

In 2019, Asheville Botanicals launched Anim – our personal full spectrum hemp line of CBD oils and skincare. The tinctures and topicals conserve as much of the original hemp flower as possible to achieve quality blends close to nature’s intent.

A Catalyst for Sustainability

Using hemp in Asheville Botanical offerings gives us peace of mind because it’s one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective crops in agriculture. Hemp requires less pesticides, water, and acreage than cotton. Cultivating hemp also enriches the soil for crop rotation and reduces carbon dioxide in the air.

In addition to textiles, hemp can make paper products originally made by trees. In fact, one acre of hemp can produce more paper than four acres of forest. By supporting hemp, we can decrease deforestation and soil depletion while simultaneously creating a broad array of health and wellness goods.