Our Story

Closer to Nature

We are the pioneers of extraction. We rely on nature, starting with the plant, organically grown and naturally processed, our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is the product of something more advanced than today's most sophisticated agricultural sciences. We focus on providing the greatest benefits available from pure and natural hemp plants by preserving their raw qualities, often lost or modified by the mass-scale practices of other manufacturers.

Organically Grown

Our focus on purity and efficacy placed on a path to seeking a healthy harvest and a plant we know would provide the consistency in producing extract over time. Consequently, we only harvest organically grown plants; meaning, there are no persistent/chemical pesticides, only biodegradable pesticides that are broken down by sunlight, air, or water. For us, the purity of what you put in your body starts with the purity of how you grow and cultivate the plant we harvest to produce our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Naturally Processed

The flower of the hemp plant contains the greatest concentration of naturally occurring cannabinoids and other valuable phytonutrients. Our proprietary natural processes take the flower through different stages, producing multiple extracts, each with their own unique qualities. Each extract is a "full-spectrum" extract, meaning it contains a broad array of the naturally occurring compounds from the plant, not a highly refined fraction or isolated molecule. We carefully select the conditions of each process to bring out a different spectrum of compounds from the plant and then combine those extracts in specific proprietary formulations for each of our final products. We developed our process to provide the greatest potential benefit from the plant while preserving raw qualities of the plant that are easily modified or lost entirely.

Full Spectrum Benefits

We focus on the Full Spectrum and not the CBD isolate like many others, because removing the isolate is like peeling the top layers off your vegetables and then cooking them, where you then loose so many of the most beneficial nutrients inherently within the plant. Although no one can make health claims around the use of CBD, we feel the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract works more like a nutritional or dietary supplement; potentially providing a more holistic array of natural benefits. Each individual may respond differently, which is why we an extract with the highest concentrate and greatest efficacy possible, allowing you to start slow and explore the personal benefits at your own pace.