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What We Do

Our Farms

Our focus is on maintaining the integrity of our product from start to finish, so we carefully select and partner with independent farmers focused on organically cultivating their crops. We believe in balance, both in nature and life; and sustainability extends to both the land and the body.

Our Process

From the farm to the counter, our process extends from our carefully cultivated crops, into a series of proprietary processes and formulas designed to generate the most effective concentrates of natural cannabinoids, CBD, and valuable phytonutrients possible. The result, a more natural path to a desired outcome.

Our Extract

Our proprietary extraction process produces a higher quality product with great efficacy. Our goal, create the most natural Full Spectrum Hemp Extract we can, producing the most desirable results, and limit the amount consumed. Whether in our sublingual oils or other ancillary products, our quality extract maintains exceptional efficacy.

Our Product

At Asheville Botanical, our focus is on the foundation; that is, creating the most effective extract available. We work with companies to provide the base for creating products across categories; from sublinguals to topicals, we create proprietary formulas designed to produce highly effective products.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

A more comprehensive approach toward the benefits of CBD

Asheville Botanicals began its journey in 2015 after North Carolina legalized the growing of industrial hemp, with the focused intention of creating an organic and natural product providing holistic benefits beyond the limitations of an isolate.

Our Asheville Botanicals full-spectrum hemp extract is produced by blending multiple hemp extracts together to strike a balance between cannabinoids and other naturally-occurring phytonutrients found within the plant.

The result is a product we have found to be highly effective in relatively small amounts. Asheville Botanicals customers can generally take significantly less milligrams of cannabinoids to produce the same or an even greater result when compared to other products on the market.

Anticipating the legalization of growing industrial hemp, Asheville Botanical took a proactive approach in building our operation by creating a process based on meeting and/or exceeding FDA requirements in the future.