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As an early pioneer of hemp extraction and processing, Asheville Botanicals is a leader in creating proprietary formulas focusing on specific needs. Our differentiator is our unique extraction process, maintaining a greater amount of the natural and raw elements of the plant; resulting in a more efficacious hemp oil consumable in lower amounts.

While many other companies are producing isolates and extracts without maintaining the full array of cannabinoids, compounds, and terpenes, Asheville Botanicals embraces the entirety of what nature intended. The conversation around milligrams is misleading, so we produce products based on intended use and with a simple recommendation of how much to take. You don't have to be a scientist or break out your calculator to figure out which product and how much, we make it simple and straight forward, so everyone understands.



Topicas & Gels




Why Balance?

Anxiety and stress are common in today's world, so we created BALANCE specifically for this issue. Our proprietary formula provides a carefully crafted array of natural elements from the plant, in a concentrate focused on providing a sense of balance in your life. Balance is a natural daily supplement for anyone seeking calm and relaxation.

Why Relief?

Pain is something everyone deals with at various moments in their lives. RELIEF provides a more natural approach to mitigating pain, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for harmful pharmaceuticals. Our proprietary formula is twice as concentrated as BALANCE, addressing the need to reduce pain.

Why Energy?

Before you start your adventure, whether it's a hike, a run, a bike ride, or just about any casual activity; we created ENERGY to help relax your body and soul and provide focus as you escape from your daily routines.

Why Dream?

Sleep is sometimes challenging, whether it's an inability to turn off your brain or just challenging to decompress from a hard day. DREAM was created to help improve your transition into a peaceful rest. Our proprietary formula provides a stronger concentrate than BALANCE, helping to relax and induce a more peaceful rest.

Why Restore?

There are moments where pain is extreme and/or your need to address traumatic events with your body requires an even more powerful formula than RELIEF. We created RESTORE for this very reason; our strongest concentration, it was designed to provide maximum relief from pain.

Why Fairway?

We created FAIRWAY for your pre-game routine. Take the edge off, calm the nerves, relax and focus on the game. Like taking a leisurely stroll down the fairway, our custom formula helps prepare your mind and body for an enjoyable round.

Why Swing?

A must for your post-game routine, after a round of swinging your clubs and challenging muscles you don't use every day, we created SWING to help ease the stress on your body and provide recovery from repetitive motions.

Why Adventure?

For those of you who extend your activities and challenge the extremes in everything you do; rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, paddle sports, mountain biking and just about any activity that pushes the limits of your body, we created ADVENTURE.

Topicals & Gels

Why Relief Sports Gel?

Because sometimes you need immediate relief, we created RELIEF Sports Gel. Our proprietary topical formula provides quick relief for targeted areas of your body.

Balance Lotion - Unscented?

Enrich and rejuvenate your skin when you bath it in our unique formulation. Feel the immediate soothing experience as you coat your hands and body, bringing balance and harmony from the outside in.

Balance Lotion - Lavender?

Enrich and rejuvenate your skin when you bath it in our unique formulation. Feel the immediate soothing experience as you coat your hands and body, bringing balance and harmony from the outside in.


Why Canine?

Not all animals are alike, so we created a unique formula just for dogs. Provide balance in their lives with just a dropper of CANINE, instilling a sense of calm and serenity for your favorite companion.