ANIM Pain Bundle

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Pain is perhaps one of the primary reasons people turn to hemp oil as a more natural way to address and mitigate the issue. 

The ANIM Pain Bundle provides a balanced approach by addressing the source of pain internally and externally. ANIM's RELIEF Sublingual oil advanced extraction process eliminates unnecessary ingredients, nurturing your mind and body with essential elements the way Mother Nature intended. This specific blend encourages a soothing sensation of comfort, helping to reduce the damaging effects of stress; working from the inside out, potentially providing a single more natural approach to pain mitigation and reduce inflamation. ANIM RELIEF Sports Gel provides the benefits of our proprietary blend of safe and natural essential oils. A carefully crafted mix of hemp, Arnica, Aloe Vera Gel, and Menthol provide relief from inflammation, pain, bug bites, minor scrapes, and burns. Drift into the cool sensation of RELIEF.