ANIM Canine Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - 30 mL

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In the same way we seek balance in our lives, our closest companions do the same. Our master botanical extractors created a unique blend using only the highest quality hemp to provide calm and serenity for you canine. Each carefully chosen ingredient collaborates with their system, designed to promote calm from within.

Suggested Use

  • We recommend two servings per day: one in the morning and one in the evening before meal times. A graduated dropper is provided to measure the serving. See chart below for recommended serving size.
  • For maximum effectiveness, draw up the serving into the graduated dropper and dispense the serving into your dog’s empty food bowl, then allow them to lick it up. Alternatively, you may mix the serving into a small amount of peanut butter or into their meals.
  • Just like people, dogs are unique and may require a different serving size to meet your goals. Start with the recommended servings for one week and then increase the serving size by 50% for another week and so on, if necessary.
Weight (lbs) Serving Size (drops or mL)
10 3 drops
 25 6 drops
50 0.25 mL
75 0.375 mL
100 0.5 mL
150 0.75 mL

Our products are formulated to be effective in relatively small serving size and are independent-laboratory tested for potency and safety.

Certificate of Analysis

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